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1,014-piece Personalized Jigsaw Puzzle 20x30 inches

1,014-piece Personalized Jigsaw Puzzle 20x30 inches

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  • 1,014-piece puzzle
  • Printed with a high gloss durable finish and sturdy chipboard backing
  • Comes in a gift box
  • Includes reference print for putting the puzzle together
  • Measures approximately 20x30 inches

To ensure that your order meets your expectations, kindly provide us with the preferred design along with the necessary dimensions. Your input is crucial in creating a product that perfectly aligns with your requirements.

Here's how you can proceed:

  1. Preferred DesignPlease send us a copy of your preferred design through one of the following methods mentioned below.
  2. Required Dimensions: 3845px x 5800px or 5800px x 3845px
  3. Illustration DisclaimerKeep in mind that the image you might have seen earlier is for illustration purposes only and not the final product design.

You can send us the design details through one of the following methods:

Once we receive your design, our team will review the information and get back to you with any clarifications or to confirm the details.

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